Custom Bottle Orders

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    Glass Water Bottle
    Glass Water Bottle
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    Glass Water Bottle with Kishu Charcoal
  • Custom Bottle Orders

Custom Bottle Orders

All of our products can be customized with logos, monograms, or your favorite designs. This includes sandblasted, painted or even gold leafed designs onto the bottles. From altering shapes and sizes, to working with your artwork, we’re able to customize our products to fit your needs.  We offer custom colors of silicone caps and rings, too.

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Coming Soon

We’re working on more glass products and accessories. Every few months, we’re adding new versions of convenient, beautiful carrying bags for our bottles made from recycled and upcycled eco-friendly materials. You don’t ever need to hide and COVER our glass, it’s tough. But we know you might want to TRANSPORT your bottles since they don’t seem to just stay home. We have the bags.