We started this company to make a difference and to help you make that difference, too.

We’ve been working with architectural art glass for more than 30 years––we’ve made stained glass church windows, carved glass tabletops, intricate leaded glass skylights and carved sandblasted glass privacy walls––all kinds of glass for clients throughout Europe and North America. Every day brings new dimensions to our fascination with the magic of glass––its clarity and brilliance, its sparkle and dimensionality. We simply love glass.

As we learned more about the health dangers, the volume of trash, and waste impact of plastic we wanted to do something about it. The solution was right there in our studio––design a glass water bottle that combines function and beauty. We got busy and BottlesUp emerged.

We think there are plenty of people out there like us––people like you, who want the healthiest options available for what they put into their bodies. People interested in living a more green lifestyle who want to do their part to reduce the overwhelming amounts of plastic trash found in our oceans and landfills. And people who appreciate sophisticated design and beautiful, artisanal products.

Watch the video - see the early development of BottlesUp glass bottles being made.

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