About Laurel Herter

With a dedicated career of more than 30 years in art and architectural glass, founding BottlesUp Glass was a natural next step for Laurel Herter. The project brought a unique challenge of blending beauty with the utility to create an everyday object that combines the magic of glass with a healthy alternative to plastic. In 2007, at her drafting table, Laurel drew the initial concepts for a glass water bottle that’s better for our health and better for the environment. Since then, she and her fabulous team have worked tirelessly to bring you a product that fully lives its green promise.

From her studios in Bluffton, South Carolina, she produces work for residential, commercial, and public commissions throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe. Her work can be seen coast to coast––from San Francisco and New York apartments to vacation homes in Colorado and Mexico. Some of her more unusual commissions can be seen in private jets and yachts.


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