BottlesUp FAQ

What are the benefits of glass?

Glass is the natural choice for clean, pure taste. It’s been around long before we were, and can be recycled endlessly after we’re gone. There’s never a fear of chemical contamination. Our handcrafted bottles sparkle with water in them; they’re beautiful. And the best part is we’re not adding plastics to our landfills and oceans. You’ll save money by refilling at the tap.

Why get away from plastic or metal?

Glass allows products to taste better since there’s no residue from the container; glass is easier to clean and more environmentally sound since it doesn’t contribute to trash in our landfills or oceans. And glass is a healthier option; it doesn’t leach chemicals into the products it holds. And you can see what you’re getting.

Won’t my bottle break?

BottlesUp bottles are handcrafted to be sturdier, which you’ll notice when you feel its heft. We’ve designed it to take the everyday tumble from a table or chair, but let’s be clear, the bottle is made of glass. If you drop it from a high enough ledge or hurl it across a room, it’s going to break.

How are your bottles made?

They’re made in a semi-automatic blowing process from 75% post consumer recycled glass. They’re hand finished, carefully annealed and rigorously inspected.

Can we put our company logo on your bottle? Can we create a custom order?

You bet! Click here for more information to get started.

Where are your products made?

Every part of the BottlesUp product is made in North America. Our bottles are made by skilled glass workers in a state-of-the-art-factory in Mexico City. Our silicone tops and grippers are crafted in Maine.

Why aren’t they made in America?

We spent more than two years searching for a US manufacturer. We could not meet their minimum runs of 250,000 bottles at a time, and we wanted to be using recycled glass. We’re fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint and support partners who can help us achieve that goal.

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