People are talking. We’ve had some great feedback as our glass water bottles and this is what we love to share. [br] We’d love to hear your comments, too!

DB – Is it possible to *fall in love* with a glass bottle ? Received my first BottlesUp on Friday and I just keep staring at it !! When held up to sunlight, the minute bubbles sparkle like stars ! Definitely purchasing more. Envisioning my green smoothies in a collection of BottlesUp with multicolor rings and caps to suit my mood ! Excited !!!!!!!!!!

MWK – My post-holiday work week has been much brighter thanks to my new bottle, which arrived Tuesday! It’s AWESOME!!

LG – The grip ring design is what sold me, as I love stripes. Great for carrying, too!

DBP – We have 2 orange & 2 blue they are awesome bottles ♥

Susan – The BEST Water Bottle I’ve ever bought. Quality Quality Quality. Thick glass, but isn’t heavy. The Cap stays on and doesn’t leak. I Love This Bottle. Yes, it’s pricey but I believe this bottle could last forever. I’m sooo sick of replacing everything yearly, due to poor construction. I don’t even worry about dropping it. I will be buying more of these. Great Product. Buy It.

KSW – I love these bottles.. I saw them on the video about historic Bluffton and I searched for you….. 

AG – Got mine in the mail today – it’s so cool ♥

RP I love my orange one

MA – FINALLY able to order the smaller use with the three 22 oz size bottles I use on a regular basis… Been waiting months to do this! Very excited!

JY – A friend of mine gave me this glass bottle. I can’t believe it didn’t break when I dropped it from a 12 foot latter. I just bought a pink bottle for my girlfriend.

JJ – So fun! I love my BottlesUp glass – great for the office!

AR – Gorgeous water bottle. The difference is Design and Quality!

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