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The Beauty of (Big) Glass

Glass never fails to suprise us. It’s a material that you can hold in your hand and can hold up a building, it can be a piece of personal art, or a massive installation of grand proportions. As part of our efforts to share beauty of glass, especially in a month dedicated to glass, take a look at some of the large-scale glass installments that evoke a deep sense of wonderment.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Central St. Giles in London, England: these entirely glass facades that drape the buildings are a departure from the city’s more reserved building features.

Cascade at Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Australia: More than 500 glass pieces glued together to create this tidal wave of beauty set in the gardens.

The Louvre, Paris, France: The iconic glass pyramids are some of the most well-known art installations in the city. The Louvre has four of these pyramids, 1 large and 3 smaller ones.

Bellagio, Las Vegas, United States: The world’s largest glass sculpture in the world was created by Dave Chihuly which is on display on the ceiling of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Smaller individual scupltures are displayed together to create this sculpture that seems to extend effortlessly across the ceiling.

Preston Brandley Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, United States: located in the Chicago Cultural Center is the Tiffany’s Largest Glass Dome and Skylight. It is the largest stained-glass domed ceiling in the world.

Glass Apple Store, Sydney, Australia: We all know Apple has a knack for the retail and their stores are no exception. While their store on 5th Avenue is the most photograhed location on Flickr, this store in Sydney is a feat unto itself – it features the largest seamless glass panes in the world.

Leipzieg Fair, Germany: This incredible structure, is the largest levitated glass hall, 240 meters long and 80 meters wide, with 1140 tons of glass floating above your head.


Have you seen something in glass that amazed you? Share your photo with us!

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Kathleen Plate, Sustainable Lighting Artist and Recycled Glass Artist

There is an indescribable beauty to the interaction of glass and light. Here in our Bluffton studios, we have glass installations that change the play of light into the studio depending on the time of day and also the time of year. For Recycle Glass Month, we’d like to share the beauty of recycled glass through Kathleen Plate’s recently revealed Smart Glass Guggenheim Chandelier.

Smart Glass Guggenheim Chandelier
Smart Glass Guggenheim Chandelier by Kathleen Plate

“The spiral lighting fixture, inspired by the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, features a white globe light and glass rings. The chandelier made its national debut at the Guggenheim Museum in New York during the Architectural Digest Home Show and now moves to its current home at Switch Modern in Atlanta.”

Kathleen’s beautiful pieces are made from recycled glass from soda, wine, beer and even salad dressing bottles.  It’s another clear example that glass – with its three simple and natural ingredients – can be endlessly and beautifully recycled. In addition to the Smart Glass Guggenheim Chandelier and Kathleen’s other works of art for the home, she is the founder and designer of Smart Glass Jewelry with this beautiful work showing up on fashion-forward runways and the small screen.

You can bring more of the beauty of recycled glass into your world, whether you make the smart, healthy choice for a reusable glass water bottle or make your next jewelry piece a declaration of sustainable luxury – you can discover the beauty, simplicity and endless
potential of glass.

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Our Future: A Day of Glass

You know how glass feels to the touch? Think of your smart phone or your favorite wine glass – your hands tend to linger to the touch. You don’t get that tactile sensation with plastics. And since the 1970s, the push for plastic has seemed never-ending. As we learn more and more about the health dangers and environmental impact of plastic, we’re going back to the basic beauty, safety and elegance of glass. We came across this terrific video from the good folks at Corning. It centers on how glass can be used in our everyday lives in unique and innovative ways. While we’re focused on providing you with the best glass water bottle you’ll ever use, we applaud any way that we can bring the benefits of glass back into our lives.

Are you inspired? What can you imagine in a future focused on glass?

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