Amping Up the Durometer: Building a Stronger Cap

You know glass can be technical, but so can silicone. Our grippers and cap are made of 100% food-grade silicone and we use a durometer to measure its density or firmness. (Feel free to use that in your next Words with Friends game.)  The durometer we have ensures that the material will hold its shape and maintain the seal on your glass water bottle. 

This past week, we made a move to amp up the durometer of our caps. Why? While it functions perfectly this move to a slightly denser cap ensures that if you bumped that cap with your fingers or hand, it wouldn’t just pop-off.  So now you have a fully-sealed, bump-proof cap. And a great new word to play.

And if you want a bit more of the science of how we measure – durometer ratings go from “A” to “D” and from low numbers to high numbers.  So a piece of silicone with an A20 rating, think of a flexible food mat, is much more flimsy than a piece with a rating of D70, think of a rollerblade wheel.  Can we get this nerdy? For a better bottle, we can.

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