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BottlesUp Reaches Retailers at New York International Gift Fair

QR Code for BottlesUpBottlesUp will reach out and bring its reusable glass water bottle to retailers and attendees of the 2011 New York International Gift Fair, August 13-18. Tapping into the eco-health and environmental concerns among consumers, the company will feature its glass water bottles that blend the artistic beauty of glass with the environmental responsibility of pure, natural, recycled materials.
“At the New York show we can share our story with retailers looking for a product that blends art, a healthier product, and environmental responsibility,” said Glass Artist Laurel Herter, founder, BottlesUp.  “Most everyone recognizes the art and beauty of glass. Our reusable glass water bottles appeal to people for different reasons. Some consumers recognize the purity of glass for their healthy lifestyle, some see the practical functionality of a reusable glass water bottle, and some appreciate a green product that delivers on the promise of environmental responsibility.

With more than 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and  85 countries, the New York
Gift Show highlights creative, sustainable and eco-friendly products among others. BottlesUp will focus on reaching retailers and attendees seeking innovative new products for now and for the gifting season ahead.  The company’s sturdy 22-ounce glass water bottle is designed by an acclaimed glass artist and is 100% sourced in North America. Each individual bottle is created from a minimum of 75% recycled glass using ancient techniques in a modern glass-making facility in Mexico. The bottles are enhanced by colorful food-grade silicone caps and grippers made in Maine. BottlesUp’s bottles are free of known toxins including Bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and polycarbonates that research has shown can compromise human health. There is zero plastic in the product or packaging.

In New York BottlesUp will be located at the show in Booth 3613.   Will you be there? Let us know!

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2011 International Home & Housewares Show – Making Our Debut

BottlesUp booth at the 2011 International Home + Housewares Show

Today was Day One of the International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago, it’s a HUGE show. They’ve sold out the show – 60,000 attendees, 20,000 retail buyers from all over the world, 2,000 exhibitors. It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a very big ocean at this event, but the staff at IHA has been helpful, supportive and encouraging. It’s one team in the professional association industry that goes beyond and exceeds your expectations. But more on that later…

Today is the official launch of BottlesUp, a company more than 2 years in the making and a product that has the beautiful dual story of design and environmental responsibility. Did I mention we have the lowest carbon footprint in the bottle industry? We do. We’re located in a special invitation-only section called Discover Design, it’s 70 products that the association selected for to highlight their innovation, design and progressive efforts. IHA describes the Discover Design section as, “the area will highlight inspired design from around the globe and feature companies, many of whom are attending the Show for the first time, with creative products that push the envelope of the design spectrum.” Yes, that’s us they’re talking about. Again, we felt like a small fish in a very big ocean, yet, we knew we had a product and a story to share.

And today was that day to share it all. So here is our booth in iPhone photo form, our first ever trade show – I believe our introduction makes a handsome first impression. We made terrific connections with retailers who can bring our bottles to you. The bonus, every person we spoke to loved the bottles, loved the story of design and function and wanted to hear even more. It’s nice to be heard, welcomed and valued for the story you tell and the product you offer.

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