Video: Plastic State of Mind

With the millions of videos hoping to get you to better understand the perils of plastic to both our health and our environment, we’ve work to find and share the best ones we can (see some of them  here, here and here). This video today, Plastic State of Mind, is really impressive in the fresh beats it brings to the plastic bag issue.

Plastic State of Mind – OFFICIAL from Ben Zolno on Vimeo.

It’s not just plastic bags that are a hazard to our health and our environment, but it is one small difference you can make. Now, do you still use single-use plastic bags? If so, do you recycle? If not, how do you remember to bring your reusable bags?

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Video: Making a Better Glass Water Bottle

It’s taken nearly two years since Laurel’s first sketch to our final product’s debut coming in 12 short days. As we worked with industrial designers, mold-makers and glass makers, we went through many modfied versions. But our committment at every phase was to creating a bottle that was made with recycled glass, that highlighted the natural beauty of glass and that blended high design with a functional, resuable, responsible bottle.  I love this video we made showing our first bottles being made in an early phase. You’ll see the effort to heat the glass, mold the glass and refine it to finish.  It’s beautiful, don’t you agree?

bottle development bottlesuUp from bottlesUp.

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