Video: How Glass Is Recycled

Did you know glass is endlessly recyclable? How does that glass bottle you just recycled turn into a new glass products?  Check out this great video from PBS sharing just how companies turn our recycled glass into reusable materials.

Fun fact: did you know the energy from recycling one glass bottle could power a television for one whole hour? One more reason to recycle!

Pavisa Glass, Our Partner in Beauty and Sustainable, Green Practices

One of the questions we frequently get is why we don’t have our glass water bottles made in the United States.  Here’s the short answer: we made every effort to find a glass company that could meet our green standards, our capactiy needs, and our quality demands. After a search of 2 years they weren’t to be found in the U.S. – it was frustrating for us, but also a reflection of current challenges in manufacturing here in the States.  From that point, we expanded our search to our closest neighbors. After additional review and considerations, we partnered with Pavisa in Mexico City, a company known for their conservation and green efforts along with incredibly skilled glass artisans. We also liked that they are a major glass company with their own curbside recycling program, further reducing the carbon footprint of our glass water bottles.

The glass artisans, blowers, and employees at Pavisa are committed to sustainable and green efforts along with creating beautiful, functional glass products.

  • They save more than 30% on energy consumption by using recycled glass which they source from their own curbside recycling program.
  • They have an in-house water recycling program
  • They have sophisticated dust collectors to prevent environmental pollution
  • Using recycled glass reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 40%

In addition to their green efforts, the artisans at Pavisa make beautiful glass. You can see their work with our reusable glass water bottles, but they also manufacture glass for other companies. Another beautiful example? The beautifuul hand-crafted bottles for Patrón Tequila bottles. 

We’re proud to partner with Pavisa – a company committed to beauty and the environment – just like us.

How Glass Gets Its Color

We’ve shared the history of glass and the reasons why glass ‘sparkles’, but one of the other common questions we get is how glass gets its color.  When Laurel creates a stained glass window or you buy a beautiful purple glass vase, the glass gets its color from simple chemistry.  By adding in certain minerals, pigments (which are mineral salts) or chemicals to the base of silica (SiO2) we can create the color, add to its intensity or combine it for unusual results.  When working with glass, not only do you need to be an artist, but you also need some basic chemistry knowledge. So for every 5th grader wondering if they’ll ever ‘need that stuff’, here’s proof that science can create beauty:

Color You Want                Chemical You Add

White                                     Antimony Oxides or Tin Compounds

Black                                      Manganese, Cobalt and Iron

Brown                                    Iron Oxides

Deep Blue                              Cobalt Oxide

Light Blue                              Copper Compounds

Green                                     Iron Oxides

Yellow Green                        Uranium Oxides (this one glows!)

Yellow                                    Lead with Antimony

Ruby Red                              Gold Chloride

Red                                         Selenium Compounds

Amber                                    Manganese Oxides

If you’ve got questions on how we get to a certain color, feel free to email us info(at)bottlesupglass(dot)com or come on by the studios on Bluffton.  We’d love to meet you.

Glass Artist at 2011 Housewares Show

Glass artist Laurel Herter, the founder of BottlesUp, will be making appearances at the 2011

Laurel Herter, Glass Artist and BottlesUp Founder

International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. She’ll be at our booth (S3971) in the Discover Design section to share the story of creating the first-ever art-inspired and environmentally-responsible reusable glass water bottle. Laurel will be sharing this passionate and personal story on:
– Sunday, March 6 9am, 1pm, 4pm
– Monday, March 7 10am, 2pm, 4pm
– Tuesday, March 8 9am, 1pm

If you’re heading to the show and want to meet Laurel and hear her incredible story, stop on by!

BottlesUp Introduces Reusable Glass Water Bottle with Lowest Carbon Footprint in the Industry

Today we announced our big news – we’re launching our company and our first product, a reusable glass water bottle made from all natural, recycled materials, at the 2011 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

This Sunday, March 6 we will see the fruits of our labor over the last two years. From initial designs, drafts, to building molds, to hand-blowing the prototypes, to sourcing our products with a commitment to be green – all of it, all of it, has been worth it.

We’re very excited to bring you a reusable glass water bottle that is truly a blend of art, function and environmental-responsibility. We’re 100% sourced in North America: the glass is made from a minimum of 75% recycled glass sourced on site; the silicone grippers and cap are made in Maine. Our product and our packaging contain zero plastic, making it naturally BPA-free and PVC-free. We’re one company making a difference and we hope you’ll join us on this journey to improve our health and this big blue marble we call home.

Thank you!

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